Employment or Prison?

Ex Offender Lied For Brighter Future 

I have just read a post on your blog about an ex offender who lied to gain a better future. ( Above link )
I applied for loads of jobs when I came out of prison and went to the job centre every single day looking for someone who would give me a chance. Probation put my CV together which I must say was quite good. There was just one problem with it though - it confirmed my stints in prison. I wasn't getting anywhere. So I removed the stints in prison off my CV and got myself a job. It wasn't a great job but it was a job and having a job was better than being in prison! The minimum wage was a shock to the system because I used to earn double a weeks wage per day when I was up to no good. That's the pitfall when it comes to trying to get ex offenders back in to earning an honest crust. I speak to a lot of young offenders who say - why should we work for shit money when we can make a weeks wage in a day! Plus for many, prison isn't a deterrent and it doesn't bother them, so to bring that subject up is a no,no, half of the time.
Back to topic, I think Probation need a head shake or at least get in the real world with the rest of us. They know damn well that as soon as employers see the word - prison - on any CV, it sets a person back and kicks them to the back of the employment queue, and lets face it, the queue isn't exactly a short one in the UK at the moment. Then we are told that we must be honest on our CV's - well I wonder how many straight-headed people play the honesty game on their CV's these days? It's dog eat dog. What do you want me to do? Work and pay my taxes or spend people's taxes by going back inside?

( David via PFV email )