I couldn't afford to prison visit - by FBM

I have been reading a few posts on your blog about release from jail and what affect it has on families as a whole. I am no longer with my husband because we grew apart. When he was in a prison close enough to home, I could manage financially to visit him pretty often and that carried on for 18 months until he was moved hours away from home. What I find infuriating is the way people harp on about strengthening family ties whilst a loved-one is in prison. I almost feel like ramming that irritating sentence down their throats!
Admittedly my husband was to blame because if he hadn't had done what he had done, then he wouldn't have gone in to prison. But I feel that the real punishment is dished out to the families of prisoners. The system near on makes it impossible for some families to remain in touch to keep their relationship ticking over. My husband ruined our marriage because he went to prison. But the prison system ended it by not giving us the chance to salvage what bit was left of it. I couldn't afford the fare to visit him and I wasn't entitled to any financial help either. I could go on and on and on but it is a long story. I would like to offer my   love to anyone else who has or is going through this right now.

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