Life After Release From Prison

There have been quite a few posts on release from prison on your blog for a few days. My partner is due to be released in June this year and already I am getting worked-up about it. He has been away for 4.5 years and during that time we split for 12 months and I started seeing someone else. That relationship didn't last and I ended up back with my partner in prison. He said he would never hold it against me that I started seeing someone else and that he didn't blame me for doing it because why should I put my life on hold etc etc etc... But for the past three visits, he has mentioned the other guy and has made comments about him in a few letters he sent me. Truth is, he knows the other guy and they were pals years ago. I do want my partner home to try and make a go of things but deep down I am feeling that it won't work. There has been allsorts of things that has happened since he as been in prison and after reading, Dan's, post, I know exactly what he means about people changing. I have a full time job now whereas I was on benefits and didn't much care about finding a job before he was sent to jail. I will say this though, for everyone who believes that all this maintaining family ties works and it's good etc etc etc... honestly they need to look at the bigger picture because I am not being funny, but family days etc, as much as I think they are a great thing, are just extended visits. Once they are over and done with, nothing changes and the same problems are there right in our faces. I also agree that there isn't much going on for prisoners families who are due to have a family member released from prison. Most of it is about prisoners families who have a family member in jail, so its good in a way to read stories that show that I'm not on my own feeling like this about prison release. Thanks xxxx