Magistrates - It's A Good Thing On IMB


RE: Above post

I am replying to the post about the independent monitoring board. ( Above Link )
I am in agreement with some of the points raised regarding VIP's 'Magistrates' being members of it. It does seem rather bizarre that Magistrates send people on their way ( to prison ) then fight for them while they are inside. ( Not all Magistrates are on the IMB by the way )
Maybe looking at it from a different angle, because a few Magistrates are on the IMB, they need to see for themselves WHERE they are 'sending' people and WHAT kind of conditions they are 'sending' them to. I wouldn't say it is a guilt-trip or anything like that, I think that some Magistrates do take a general interest. Realistically, because they are a Magistrate, doesn't mean that they are horrid individuals who send people to prison for the fun of it. More often than not, those sentenced to prison deserve it because they have broken the law. I think it is a good thing that some Magistrates are IMB members because they then get an insight to some of the unjust crap that goes on inside HM Prison.

From Angie ( Via Email )