Open Prison Nightmare - By Carrie

Dear PFV. I watched every episode of Prisoners Wives on BBC 1 and I am going to miss it because I thought it was excellent. I am pregnant and I got pregnant when my boyfriend came home on weekend leave from prison. I would never call my unborn a mistake, but I now wish I would have waited because my boyfriend has changed over the past couple of months and I don't like the way he has changed. He has met a new group of lads in the open prison and he has been ringing me late at night off his head. I don't know whether it is drink or drugs, but he is being an idiot. Before he went to the Cat D prison, he spent a while on a rehab wing because he was on drugs when he was sent to prison. He did very well and got his Cat D because of  how well he had done and I was very proud of him, but he seems to have thrown it all away and I am now having second thoughts about whether I want to be with him. I feel like I am alone and he is having the time of his life in prison because he never ever rings me in an upset or bad mood. If I had known this is what Cat D prisons are like then I would have walked ages ago I think. I just think he will go on the next bus back to a closed prison at this rate!!!

( Via Email )