Success For Ex Prisoner

My name is Tony and I was released from prison last year. ( January 2011 )
The only person who has helped and supported me is my Mrs. My Probation Officer and the service it claims to provide has been a waste of time. Apologies if I have offended anyone with that comment, but it's the truth.I found work in August 2011, and took a minimum wage job. I do plenty of overtime and the tax man loves it! I'm 39 next month and this is the first job I have ever had. It sounds disgraceful I agree, but I can't turn back the clock. I was sick and tired of being classed as a failure so the minimum wage it was and although the job is boring, it's a job and I'm lucky to have one in the UK at the moment. So, I am about to answer your question because I know what you are all thinking which is: Was he honest about not having a job before and did he mention prison on his CV? The truth is, if I didn't lie on my CV, what would I put on my CV? Most of my life has been spent in HM Prison and I reckon if my CV contained the truth, it's a one way journey to the shredder. It's funny isn't it, because even my Probation Officer was stumped on how to assist me with my CV. I wonder what advice the Ministry of Justice would have given me? Well balls to them because every ex-con is left to their own devices on release from prison. We are always told in prison that we have to be responsible for our own actions. Well I wanted a job and I wanted to be a normal working Dad who earned an honest living for once in his life. I am not encouraging all ex-cons to spin a yarn on their CV because that's down to them. But one thing I was and still am determined about is that there is no way that the Probation Service is sending me in the failure direction. I do hope you print my email because I am being honest about how hard it is to find a job when you have spent the majority of your life banged up.

( From Tony Via Email ) 

( The email content was edited with Tony's permission )