Toddler Escapes From Nursery Over 7ft Fence

A toddler scaled a 7ft spiked metal fence to escape from his nursery school. Ashton Addison, three, was found by a dog walker after his great getaway. The distressed boy, who had cut his left hand, hadn’t gone far and the woman swiftly returned him to Drakies Nursery in Inverness. Yesterday, Ashton’s mum spoke of her relief that her son was unharmed. Lisa Mackenzie, 23, of Inshes, said: ‘I’m just so grateful he’s in one piece. ‘I’m also so relieved that a kind, caring person picked him up and took him back to the school. ‘It could have been so much worse, even just thinking about the fence itself. ‘I still can’t believe he managed to climb it but he is a really clever little boy.

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