Victims Fund - By Jennie

Action For Prisoners Families Feedback

Dear PFV Blog, I am responding to the post on the Ken Clarke levy. ( RE: Above link )
Well first and foremost, prisoners families are affected anyway without the new levy. I have no choice but to send money in for my partner, otherwise he cannot maintain the bond with his children. Less than a minute phone-calls DO NOT maintain any bonding whatsoever! As for the victims fund? No offence, but it seems that's all the UK can do. Throw money around to make things better!!! Well it doesn't. I've been a victim of crime myself, and I wouldn't want a penny off the person who put me through what I went through. There is no cure for what I went through so a victims fund is a load of old rubbish from where I'm standing. There are some brilliant resources in the UK that help dying children and the elderly and some have been affected by Cameron's Government in the funding department, so I would want my victim money going in to one of their pots! My partner is released in 2016. From a families perspective, and a reduction on crime, Ken Clarke needs to get his arse in gear and concentrate on how families can work towards improving their life's. But there are no jobs or opportunities in the UK, so it's all a revolving door thing. I could write on with my thoughts and feeling for hours on this topic, but the top and bottom of it is, Ken Clarke's levy is just a typical hooray Henry UK thing. It isn't constructive!!