Bragging About Prison - By Rach

( Email Received Yesterday Via PFV Email) 

I had a prison visit the other day and was amazed at some of the other families attitude. I'm not being funny, but some of them blame everyone and anything instead of their partners/husbands etc. One girl was ranting that her boyfriend had lost days because he was found with a mobile phone. Fact is, he isn't meant to have one right? Maybe it's me and a lack of understanding because this is the first ( and hopefully the last ) time my partner has been in prison so it's all alien to me. I find it a bit weird that some families don't seem bothered and in a crazy way brag about how many times their boyfriend has been in prison. I was chatting to a girl whilst queuing for a coffee and she openly told me her boyfriend had been in prison 5 times and that she was used to prison visiting. Well I don't want to get used to prison visiting! It's not something I want to get used to! the quicker it's over with the better! Don't get me wrong, there were some families there who clearly felt the same as me, but I could not and still cannot get my head around those that think it's normal. Because I'm sorry, it's far from normal. Anyone can make a mistake I admit that, but why brag about how many times your boyfriend has been in prison? Very sad if you ask me!