The Elderly and Prison Visiting ( mental health )

I would like to raise the subject on elderly family members of prisoners. My Mum visits her son ( my brother ) in prison. She is 72 and her mental health is not great, so during a visit and especially afterwards, she gets very distressed and confused. Sometimes she remembers why he is in prison and other times she shouts abuse at the prison officers because she blames them for not letting him come home. When we went on a visit last week, my brother broke his heart because her mental health has declined since he was sentenced and has progressively got worse within the last few months so he noticed quite a difference. What I'm saying is, there isn't much support for prisoners families or prisoners for that matter who have a parent/relative who is suffering from mental health issues. We sit in the main visiting room and sometimes my Mum will shout out something inappropriate ( which isn't her fault of course ) and my brother gets embarrassed simply because he is not used to dealing with her illness. If any charities or organisations are reading this, please could you cover this topic sometime because it is really important. Many thanks in advance.

By Julie Grayson