Ex prisoners and finding jobs

My brother was released from prison six months ago and is getting frustrated because he can't find a job. Well he can find them but every one he applies for doesn't have the decency to reply back. I told him that it's the same for everyone these days! Probation have told him to declare his criminal record on his CV. He was sent to prison for a pub brawl and charged with GBH. It was a big big regret on his part and he has no previous. Sadly the victim was hurt badly and my brother had to face the consequences of his actions. But he's served his time and wants to move on. I disagree with probation. I don't find it relevant that he should disclose his conviction on his CV. Fair enough, if the employers ask then so be it. But in my opinion, by disclosing this on his CV, he is undeniably leaving himself wide open to rejection. The jobs he's applying for are factory ones or production line jobs because he has done this type of work for years and he doesn't mind it. You might argue that his GBH charge could put other factory workers at risk? But when he committed the offence, he was in a pub and very very drunk. He's not about to turn up to work drunk! I honestly think that sometimes, probation are taking the p*ss and setting people up to fail by giving them crap advice. You might disagree, but I'm sorry, the UK has become a dog eat dog society and for my bro to stand any chance of getting back in to work, the last thing he needs on his CV is his conviction. He's not an evil person. He's someone who made a huge mistake, has paid for it and wants to move on. Thanks for listening. ( Anon Sis of ex prisoner )