HMP Full Sutton

( Facebook message sent on 3rd April 2012 ) 

My son is in prison. He is in HMP Full Sutton and to add to the stress of him being in there and why he got in there, I am struggling to book visits! I work 12 hour shifts and I can only ring the prison in my lunch hour.
The booking line either rings and rings and no one answers or it's engaged. I'm stressed to the max to be very honest. I have only been to see him twice in 8 months. I live in Liverpool so the journey isn't a short one. It is also a nightmare to get to when you get off the train because the prison is a distance away and a long walk on foot! I hate the whole situation and would like to hear from anyone who is having the same problems. Why are visit booking lines so awkward and distressing because there is nothing worse than wanting to see your son and half of the time can't do because of those awful booking lines at the prison.