Leve Draws Bridge

It was a pleasure having PFV Admin Leve over at my house on Good Friday for a knees up and loads of ale. I live out in the sticks so we have go through country lanes to get to my humble aboard. I'm not a posh git or anything like that.. it's just the way it is. Anyway.. driving along listening to Boney M's greatest hits, Leve suddenly dives out of the passenger seat. In case you don't know who Leve is, he is the dude behind our PFV graphics.. anyway, as I was saying, Leve launched out of the car and stood in front of a road sign.... and began to draw a bridge because the sign said, Draw Bridge. But it doesn't mean draw a bridge, it means there is a draw bridge ahead!!! Come on Leve mate.. one needs to get a grip!!! Ha ha!!!