Revealed - Strangeways Prison Riot 1990

The government was close to sending in the Army to end the biggest riot in prison history, we can reveal. Top secret minutes of a meeting led by the home secretary lay bare for the first time how ministers and prison officials considered extreme measures to bring the 25-day siege of Strangeways to an end. They are part of a string of documents, obtained by the M.E.N, casting new light on the disturbance which brought the jail to its knees in April 1990. The dossier includes confidential briefing notes, letters and memos from the desks of those at the top of government and the Prison Service. They show how the crunch came as officials drew up plans for a final assault to retake the prison on April 25. Amid growing pressure from cabinet members and MPs, three options were put to home secretary David Waddington. They were to: Intensify the pressure on the seven remaining inmates. Put prison officers on to the roof and take the prison stage by stage. Send in the military. The files say: “If the plan to intervene was put into effect and failed, the possibility of involving the military would need to be considered. “Their use in the present situation at Manchester, where life and limb were not threatened, would be breaking new ground.”

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