Prison Obsession - By Anonymous Partner Of Prisoner

No offence to you and your blog and other websites that support families of prisoners, but I find some partners of prisoners and family members are completely obsessed with prison! My partner is in prison but he got himself there at the end of the day. Before anyone thinks about judging me like the obsessive bunch of prisoners wive's etc, yes I do love him and I support him whilst he is in prison, but I'm sorry, we have a life out here to lead! The families I do feel for are those who have a family member in prison who are innocent and are fighting every day of their life's to prove it. I work with cancer patients so it puts things in to perspective when I read articles, posts, or general waffle about prison food and so on. I work with people fighting for their life's, not throwing it away by committing crime and choosing the mugs game life.

( via PFV email sent in on 3rd April 2012 )