Prison release and paranoia

There has been a lot talk lately on your blog about relationships after release from prison. It's not a breeze is it? I'm not saying everyone is in the same boat. Some couples probably manage very well, but there is a percentage of us that can't seem to get it together. I found myself in a babysitting situation monitoring his every move because I was paranoid about him going out alone and finding his so called friends. My partner has previous drug abuse problems so I was paranoid to death because this wasn't his first prison sentence! I found myself becoming possessive and kicking off when he wanted to go out. Every time he went to probation I used to time him and ring him all the time on his mobile phone. He's been out about 7 months now and I've backed off a bit because it was ridiculous. I don't trust him and you probably think I'm mad to be in the relationship, but I do love him. I trust him as to regards other women, it's the drugs I don't trust him with because he has had a 15 year habit so it's not a breeze to come off those I know. But I won't go through all the crap he put me through again because drugs destroy everyone's life's. He's a good bloke, he's not violent or anything like that. He's got a good heart. I just don't want him to go to prison again because it is just a waste of time and life!