Prisoners Families and Substance Abuse - By Kitty

Before people go out and commit crime.. why don't they think about the shame they inflict on their families?
My partner of four years was made redundant in September 2011 and started to smoke weed because he said it made him feel relaxed. He was suffering from stress and developed hives all over his arms. In December, he met someone who offered him a smoke, but it wasn't weed, it was heroin. He had been buying it since and foolishly I had been giving him money because his mood was awful and he was ill otherwise. This stressed me out and I ended up on antidepressants. Our relationship and lifestyle went from being stable with good jobs and a nice home to being a total wreck. He started committing crime to fund his addiction otherwise we wouldn't eat. He was given a suspended sentence and probation order, then a tag, then he breached that and never went to probation, along with committing another crime on top of that, so he has been sent to prison. The crime that landed him in prison was in the local paper and I just feel ashamed to death. His family didn't know about his addiction and my family have pulled their face for me being with someone on drugs. It's a mess at the moment and I feel stressed to the max. I have been on the sick from work and know I have to get my act together otherwise I'll end up losing my job too! I love him but I don't like the person he had become. The worrying thing is, he has told me that he likes smoking heroin. How selfish is that? Plus he has been smoking it in prison a few times. Walk away would be the sensible thing to do in order to get myself sorted out and back to work, but this is hard. maybe the tough love approach is the way to go? I just don't know but I have got an appointment with an organisation that supports families of people addicted to drugs so at least I know that I am not alone and there are others in this situation. I have visited him once and I hated it and felt humiliated so I won't be going again. Our only form of communication now is phone calls and the odd letter or two. I just thought I'd tell you my story with hope also that I can get a few things off my chest. Thanks for listening and sending love to other families in this situation.