Probation Officer Is Great!

Hi. Nice blog by the way! I just want to point out a few things to those having problems with probation. When my man was released from prison, he didn't get on with his probation officer and to be blunt, neither did I. I found her to be obnoxious and unhelpful. My man put in a request to change his probation officer. They weren't keen on the idea but he persisted and he got another one allocated to him. It was the best thing he did. He ended up with a brilliant one who has helped him with his CV and registered him on to courses to stand a better chance of getting a job etc. For the first three months after my man's release, times were very trying but we have managed to work through it together and adapt. After reading lots of negative posts about probation officers, I would like to add that ours is fab! If you're not happy then ask to swap officers! Probation needn't be painful! lol!

By Jess ( Email )