Probation Service - Why?

( From LynB on the 31st March )

I would like to make a contribution please. My hubby was released from prison in December 2010. He's had 5 different probation officers by the way. It is a joke!!! But there has been something positive that has happened.. He got a job in December 2011 which was supposed to be temporary but is now permanent. Because he is working long shifts, the Probation Service has now put him on monthly appointments just to report in. So he doesn't actually see his 5th probation officer any more!!! Actually it costs him a 4.50 day saver just to report in. I think what I'm trying to say is this... since my hubbys release, not one of his 5 probation officers have been remotely interested. As husband and wife we have worked together by writing CV's and applying for jobs for him. We have done all this and the resettlement thing by ourselves. But what about those who don't have families or anyone to help them??? What kind of service is Probation providing?    In fact, why have them at all? Something tells me that they are put in to place to make sure prison beds are filled!!!