Separation On Release From Prison


Many people talk about separation during imprisonment and what affect it has on families. What I don't read about much is what impact release from prison has on families. Most support groups focus on imprisonment. I'm not grumbling about that because the service is needed. But what about us? The ones who have our partners home with us and are still struggling with the impact of what imprisonment has done to us as a family unit. During my partners prison sentence, we got on, we wrote to each other on most days and I visited him every other week without fail. He rang me every night ( credit permitting ) and we vowed that imprisonment wouldn't break us. His prison sentence wasn't a short one by the way. So all in all, everything seemed pretty OK, well as OK as it can be when one is in prison. The major problem started when he was released. It didn't feel right and we had both changed. I became more independent when he was in prison and he seemed to be more introvert when he came out. We are arguing, he wants to do the opposite of what I want to do and the relationship seems to be failing. So I want to ask is, where is the help for families going through what I am going through? No disrespect to anyone, but it's all about support when family members are in prison but believe me, many need support when the prison gates open and your loved ones step out! Many thanks for listening.