Prison Groupies? - By Simone

I doubt that I will be well liked with my email, but I would like to say something please. My friend is pregnant and has just got a letter off her jailbird boyfriend ( who by the way I can't stand ) saying he has fallen in love with someone else he has been writing to. My friend is heartbroken because she loves him and is carrying his child. OK, now who the **** does he think he is? He's in prison ( or are they some sort of dating agency's these days ) and dumps his girl for some idiot ( she must be to write to him ) he has never met! To add insult to injury, his new prison mail lover has sent my friend copies of his loved up letters to her through the post! He is also sending my friend letters telling her that his new lover is better than her???? The docile jailbird has never even met her so how has he come up with that pile of crap? Is this something that happens a lot with prison groupies or whatever you call them? Sorry but I really don't get it and my friend can do ten times better! Hopefully she can move on whilst he's locked up and wish the pen pals a happy life together! OMG I have never known anything like it!