Probation should work with us

By Rachel Via PFV Facebook Page 

It really is about time that Probation and drugs teams or any other prison related agencies started working with prisoners families. I have read a few posts on your Prisoners Families Voices blog from families alike who are frustrated with being treated like non-entity's. My partner is on prison licence and the communication between him and his probation officer is dire. He has a full time job doing shift work in a factory and his probation officer knows this because every damn time he cannot make an appointment or has to change it, he rings her. Last week though, he got a warning letter saying he missed his appointment and could he bring in his wage slip or something to prove why he missed it. FFS, she knows he does shift work! How many qualifications do probation officers need again? Anyway, to cut a long story short, My partner told her that if she rings to book an appointment or anything else, that she can leave a message with me. She then tells him that she can't do this because of data protection! Erm, but she's met me a few times and visited my house before his release! I need to point out that my partner is also attending a community drugs team as part of his licence so he does get quite a few appointments. I understand data protection etc but let me point this out - no one bothered about that when they plastered my partners name and my address in the local paper!!! I have been with my partner for 11 years. We have children together and I know him better than any probation officer walking so what exactly is their problem? I helped him find a job so as far as I am concerned, all she does is clock him in and out and when he does go he's only in and out. What a waste of time!!!!! Rant over!!!!