We Lied About Prison - By Anonymous

( email sent to us via PFV email on 18th May ) 

Tragically a month ago, my ex partner and my daughters dad passed away suddenly. He was my daughter's world. When she was a baby, he was sent to prison for a serious offence involving drugs. She knew her dad had been in prison but we told her that he had been in prison for speeding in his car and we managed to keep it that way. At her dad's funeral, some of his old 'bad lad' friends from the past turned up after seeing his obituary in the local newspaper. At the wake afterwards, and in no way malicious at all, one of his old pals told my daughter ( who is nearly 17 now ) about some of the funny things and practical jokes her dad did in prison. But details of the offence emerged and now she is blaming me for not telling her the truth. I keep telling her that both me and her dad only said it to protect her but on top of her grief, it is too much.
Please do you know anywhere where I can get some advice or maybe a little reassurance from others who might have gone through something a bit similar please.


We advised the lady in question to seek advice and information from:

Partners Of Prisoners ( POPS )