Will she be alive when he is released from prison?

I have took a big interest in your latest blog posts about the elderly coping with prison visits and the prison situation in general. This is close to my heart because my Mum has been diagnosed with depression since my nephew ( my sisters son and her grandchild ) received a very big prison sentence. She's 69 years old and I have recently temporarily moved in with her because she hasn't been eating. He's her first grandchild and she practically brought him up whilst my sister worked full time. I got a lot of good information leaflets through from a charity that assists prisoners families and they have been very helpful. The problem is, my Mum can't get to grip with whether she will be alive when he is released. She constantly goes on about it and I know it is on her mind 24.7. She didn't cope well on the last prison visit and it seemed to have made her worse. No one knows what is round the corner and no one knows whether she will be alive to see her grandson on the outside again. All our family know this is on her mind but we keep avoiding the subject and changing it if she says anything about it. I went to the doctors with her and she demanded I didn't tell him that her grandson was in prison and that the depression was something else. Honestly, I don't know what to do for the best and I am so worried about her.

With love from Paula ( Name changed to protect her identity )

( Paula has been given a list of support groups by us via email. We also have a list of organisations featured on the right hand side of our blog. )