Angry At Lack Of Advice - By Anonymous Gran

Hello Prisoners Families.

I am a grandmother and visit my grandson once a month. It took months for our families Police checks to come through so we could prison visit, so I have only visited three times up to now. Our family live in the north-west of England and our boy is in HMP Full Sutton serving a life sentence.
I found it extremely difficult to visit him for the first time because my emotions were all over the place. They still are but not as bad. I just want to say that I am appalled at the lack of advice there is for prisoners families.  We were told nothing from his solicitor and we were confused about the Police checks and God knows what else comes with this prison journey. I am 70 years of age. And I am keeping it all together for my daughter and my grandson's two sisters who are distraught that their brother is in prison for murder. I go to bed at night and cry. That's my release but I don't have anyone to talk to about my feelings. I am too busy being a rock for the rest of the family. I feel lonely and could just do with a good chat to someone who might be in a similar situation. Thanks. Anonymous Gran x

Comment: We have forwarded a list of support groups to the writer including the north-west charities:

Partners Of Prisoners 

Out There Supporting Families Of Prisoners