ASBO Youths - By Angry Mum

First of all, my thoughts go out to the children who have a daddy in prison today.

I would like to raise an issue that has been going on in my head for some time. My son's dad was released from prison two years ago. He has been a model dad and a working one too. The nosy fish wife's who live on our estate, plus the ASBO chav's, knew that my partner was on prison licence. They goaded him and made his life hell to push him to the limit and clobber one of them, which he did. He was recalled to prison because of it. My question is this. Whilst probation and other agencies have a duty to protect the public, why isn't there anything put in to place to protect ex offenders who WANT to progress within the community and get on with their life's. I hear too many stories regarding ex offenders being pushed and pushed in order to retaliate. Sorry but it's not good enough. Why do little ASBO rats keep getting away with having their arses wiped by the Police and social services?