Bolton - By Prison Widow UK

Well firstly, thanks to Amy for modelling the Prison Widow UK bikini. I had to ask Amy to do it because when I put them on, the photographer said his camera appeared to be knackered and was very blurred. He thought he had a dodgy lens until I pointed out that it was my cellulite that was the culprit.
Right then, talking of dodgy lens's, I was at court this morning courtesy of an ASBO snitch. It's to do with my daughter's Dad and an altercation with a youth sporting a Russell Howard eye. Anyway, that was adjourned for two weeks because some thick sods ( either at Forest Bank nick or the Police ) didn't fill the forms in to produce him. That really knackered my media plans up but it's only 14 days when all said and done. Anyway, my post isn't about court, it is about the disgusting thing I witnessed on the number 37 bus to Bolton at 9.25am this morning. ( 19th June 2012 ) Halfway to Bolton, a disabled man in a wheelchair got on to the bus. I've known this guy for many years and I waved at him. He waved back and asked me where I was going. Bear in mind I was sat at the back of the bus and had to shout, " I'm off to the Magistrate's Court."
Everyone turned round to look at me, but there's no point lying when it is going in the newspaper anyway, so that was that. In front of me sat a right bruiser. At a guess, I would say, steroid lover, who had a face and head like Wayne Rooney. So no, not a handsome chap really! All of a sudden, he shouted at my disabled friend, " What are you fu*king looking at?" My friend replied, " nothing" and the big steroid chav replied, " Good then look the other fu*king way!" Everyone on the bus was shocked and appalled! I was furious to be honest with you, and a lady sat near me was equally disgusted. What is the bloody world coming too at all? Can't you look over at someone without being verbally abused now? Obviously not! I'm still pissed off about it hours down the line at home because a few of us on the bus should have told him to shut his mouth. But having said that, he was a typical chav and no doubt he would have rang the Police stating a few of us were bullying him! Surely not? Oh surely so! It's the 'in' thing these days so I'm told.
Well, it is only a few hours away from the big England match. So here's hoping you all enjoy the game and good luck to England! No doubt I will have a follow-up to this! LOL!