Cameron's Parenting Classes

Here's a great picture of The Cock - the pub has some beautiful flowers!
There has been a lot of talk about David Cameron's new parenting classes that have been in the news lately - a nice little earner for The Jeremy Kyle Show no doubt! Here are his plans:

Parents of under fives will be given vouchers to buy lessons from independent providers
They will cover discipline, diet, exercise, family rows, bullying and preparing children for school
£5million trial scheme will be launched in three areas - but could be extended quickly 

Vouchers to buy lessons? I'm just wondering how many vouchers David Cameron has to buy lessons on 'how not to leave your kid in a pub.' But come on, seriously, vouchers to buy lessons on parenting? First and foremost, he needs to dish out vouchers to chav's who can buy lessons on 'who is the Prime Minister' and 'no his conservative party doesn't consist of people in suits sat in glass extensions on the back their houses getting sh*t faced - those are conservatories. Honestly, I would absolutely love to go and sit in on one of these parenting lessons. In fact, could I apply to be a teacher at one of them? I've got loads of qualifications including the NOC Diploma - Neighbour Of Chav's - so I can offer some extremely worth while advice.
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