Electronic Tag Didn't Work Properly - By Chelsea

Hi to everyone. I have been reading your blog for while and have never commented until now. There has been a lot of talk in the news about electronic tagging. ( HDC ) home detention curfew. BBC NEWS
My partner was fitted with a tag not long ago. The machine kept on bleeping and the thing was a waste of time. He got away with coming home late a few times and we were sure it wasn't working properly.
I think that tagging is a waste of money. Especially like in my partners case when it wasn't working properly.
My partners criminal offence wasn't a serious one but he did commit an offence when all said and done. I think that the community would have benefited more if he was given a community order and was ordered to work for his sentence. He did nothing on the tag and even stayed in the pub later than he should have a few times - and was never breached! Waste of money and that's coming from a family who has experienced it! More fool the Criminal Justice System and its no wonder youths etc are running rings around the Government.