Everyone Is Talking - By Anonymous

Hello. I recently joined your Facebook page and I follow you on your Twitter page too. My partner has just been sent to prison for a section 18 offence on a neighbour who was making sexual advances at me. I reported it to the Police but nothing was done and it pushed my partner to the limit and now he is in prison.
I hardly go out of my house any more and I feel embarrassed because everyone is talking about me. I am also worried that they will tell my son that his dad is in prison because I don't want to tell him until the time is right. Everyone has gone against me because I made a complaint about the man who was stalking me and now everyone thinks I made it up but I didn't. The Police never took my complaints seriously. I just feel so down and fed up I feel like packing my bags and running and never stopping. To top it all off to, I broke down in tears on my first prison visit and my partner is getting the mickey taken out of him. I don't even want to visit him now. What a mess.


Please click on the above link and visit POPS website should you need support regarding your situation.