Farnworth Police Ignore Harassment Complaints

Before the old bill start to throw their dolly's out of their pram's, Prisoners Families Voices, have full documentation that Farnworth Police have neglected a complaint by our one and only, Prison Widow UK.
Prison Widow has been waiting for a copper to call at her house for 7 days regarding a complaint of antisocial behaviour. I wonder what Theresa May thinks of that? Best not to ring the boys in blue and deal with drunken plastic gangster chavs yourself - but beware, you will get a charge sheet if you so much lay a finger on the feral youth of today. I was fuming when I heard about Prison Widow's situation because my elderly mother was goaded and harassed for over 18 months where she lived in Hull. The youths that bullied my 81 year old mother were approached by a man living next door who told them to stop it. He was spat at by one of the insects so the man gave him a slap. The crying insect then rang 999 and the neighbour was arrested. Sorry Baroness Helen Newlove, but your campaigning needs to go up a notch and Theresa May's blue army are becoming a laughing stock!