I hold my head up high - By Missus V

I know this will not apply to everyone because we are all different but I hold my head up high on the estate where I live. My partner is in prison for assaulting someone who gave my elderly aunt grief for over three years. The council did nothing and the Police did nothing so what do we do? Let the scum bags walk all over us because these little youths think they can get away with it? Seriously, who the **** do they think they are?
I don't want to go in to the story in depth but all I can say is we went through all the legal channels until one night my partner had had enough and went round to protect my aunt who is like a mother to him. Of course all the neighbours chin-wagged but screw them. I walk with my head high! Sorry if some of you disagree but don't blame my partner, blame the council and the Police who sat on their arses for three years and never helped my aunt once!