Innocent children caught up in Police raids

Hi PFV. I read the post on your blog about Police house raids and child trauma. I take a very strong interest in issues as such and my heart goes out to any child who is subjected to this.
First and foremost, the parents are to blame. If drugs are being dealt from the property or serious crime has been committed then the Police have a job to do. There is no shying away from that fact.
What upsets me is, when innocent children are caught up in their parents irresponsible actions. My next door neighbours door went in and I took the little girl in to my house because she was absolutely petrified and screaming. The noise the Police made woke the estate up so I cannot imagine how loud it sounded from the inside when the Police smashed down their door. What annoyed me was the Police did not show any compassion whatsoever to the child. Their only interest was making an arrest and rightly so too, but children are thrust in to this situation through absolutely no fault of their own, therefore the Police in my humble opinion need to refrain from traumatising innocent children.

Anonymous Reader