It's Jubilee Init - By Prison Widow

For those of you who are having a Jubilee party today, enjoy! For those of you who aren't and are having to put up with chavs who are - I send you my deepest sympathy. I'm sure the Queen would be proud of the plastic gangsta breed the UK has bestowed upon us. I was behind a young couple the other day whilst in a shop searching for Jubilee bunting for the nursing home I work for. The couple, and quite loudly too, told their toddlers to shut the fu*k up or else they wouldn't get a sausage roll from the shop. ( don't be flabbergasted by that comment, it's a common saying now in the UK ) The couple were looking at some union jack flags and counting their money to see if they had enough for their Lambrini and four cans of Special Brew. The guy beautifully dressed in his tracksuit bottoms and shoes not forgetting his Burberry cap, scratched his chin and asked his girlfriend, " So what time does this Jubilee cup start then and who's playing"? Again, don't be surprised, the only time a Chav buys a flag is when the European cup or the World Cup is on. I'm praying for it to piss down actually so I am not subjected to teenage gangsta's thinking they are Charlie- Big- Time- after a pint and half of larger! It's only just past 13.00pm and if that is the case, I may as well go to bed now! I bet you're thinking, " Seriously?Is it that bad where you live"? Put it this way, I can write with ease about it because the majority of the people living near me think that dyslexia is a car so it really isn't an issue! Anyway, for those of you who are having a community Jubilee party with decent people, enjoy your weekend and I'll be back soon!