Lazy Britain - By Stu

Yo! Glad to be back at PFV. I was having a bit of a chat with Prison Widow this afternoon and we were chatting about Britain's chav's. She told me that her and Leve were in Bolton last week having a cup of coffee at Costa Coffee and witnessed two lasses in their pyjama's and dressing gowns shopping in the town centre. WTF? But I can believe it because I see it a lot where I live as well. I have seen some people walk their dogs in their pyjama's and slippers and young mums taking their kids to school in their dressing gowns and pyjama's. Nothing but scrubbers if you ask me. Even prisoners get dressed and they are going nowhere!!! So why are people doing this night wear thing then? Is it a new trend or something? Do us a favour will you and email us if you have any stories about this. Don't email us if you are one of them that goes shopping in your pyjama's and slippers etc because you shouldn't have access to an email - you should be getting rid of your internet and going out buying some  day time clothes!!!