Little Girl Traumatised Over Police Raid

Dear Prisoners Families Voices

I have just recently followed you on Twitter and would like to offer your readers my opinion. My husband was arrested three months ago and our front door was kicked in by the Police. I was unaware of the crime he committed and me and daughter were tucked up asleep in bed whilst he was apparently down at the pub with friends. I found out later that that wasn't the case but it is a long drawn out story and something I would rather not go in to because of a pending court case.
What I would like to say is how vile the Police were when they entered my house. I understand that they have a job to do and I will not defend my husband for what he has done. But the Police raid has now had a disturbing lasting effect on my 6 year old daughter. The teachers at her school know about the situation and have rang me a few times to collect her because she has been ill. That later turns out to be a fake illness because she just wants to be at home with me. She is clingy and she is distraught. Where do I get help for my daughter or isn't there any? Why were the Police absolute ba*tards with me and my daughter? I didn't ask for any of this to happen?

From Anonymous Upset Reader