Man doesn't want to go to jail without underwear on

FORT WALTON BEACH - A man who didn't want to go to jail without underwear faces an additional charge of possession of drugs.

On May 31 Fort Walton Beach Police officers contacted the man at his Second Avenue residence about an outstanding warrant. The arresting officer wrote in his report the man became argumentative and said he'd worked out his bill with the electric company, but the officer told him this was about an outstanding warrant with Okaloosa County, and that he was being arrested.

When searching the man, officers found a pocket knife in his right-front pants pocket. "I then felt what appeared to be dirt and a cell phone in the defendant's left front pants pocket," the officer wrote.

When officers asked for his key so they could lock up his house, the man said he wanted to go inside and put on underwear, as he didn't want to go to jail without underwear on. Officers said no.

Once officers locked his door, the man became extremely nervous and began "pleading his case with me," the officer wrote. They asked if he had anything on him that might get him in trouble, and he finally admitted to having a $20 rock of crack cocaine. Officers found the rock and verified that it was cocaine with a field test.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance. His court date is July 3.