The Police Raid The Elderly Too

Hi everyone. I have been reading some of the blog posts on Police raids and the discussions about it over on Facebook. I would like to add my two-pence please. Police raids are not all down to irresponsible parents. My Dad who is 76 had to go through a Police raid at his home because of my brother. My Dad was alone at the time in bed and petrified when the Police smashed his door in. My Dad knew nothing about my brothers wrong-doings and it sickens me that the Police treated my Dad like sh*t. Yes, I agree with everyone when they say that the Police have a job to do and remove criminals off the street, but those who shrug their shoulders and say 'oh well, that's life and if the person hadn't been up to no good then this wouldn't happen.' That's correct, but this can happen to any law abiding citizen who is not aware that a family member is committing crime. It's not all as cut and dry as that. My Dad has never been in trouble ever and has done jury service for God's sake. It's not just innocent children that are thrust in to this awful situation. The Police raid the elderly too! Where is their support??

From Anon Facebook Member