Police raids and child trauma - By 'Corrine'

By 'Corrine'

My Dad is in prison for drug dealing. He got a 12 year prison sentence. I am 17 and I never knew he did this sort of thing. It was a bit like the programme prisoners wife's when the woman had a lovely house and gorgeous clothes and stuff and when my Dad got arrested and convicted, we lost everything. But it was never really ours in the first place because it was dirty money. My Mum won't go out and is on depression tablets and I am keeping the house going by doing housework and shopping and trying to get by as normal as I can.
I will never forget when our house was raided by the Police early in the morning and I was so scared. It was awful. I was 15 and had nightmares all the time about it. Trust me it was not nice and it is so frightening.
I think that something should be set up for kids who have to go through all this because it is not our fault that our parents choose to commit crime.