Prison Visits Make Me Poorly - By Daisy

I am a newly fully fledged prisoners partner of just 8 months and have a big journey ahead.
I know that prisoners partners/families are encouraged to prison visit as much as they can but I am struggling. I am OK when I go in to the visit and I am fine with all the searches and stuff, but it is when I have to leave. When I am queuing up with other families, I don't feel alone and think to myself that some of those families might be visiting their loved ones for the rest of their life's and I feel lucky that isn't me - although I have a good few years to get through. When I leave the prison and go home on the train on my own, I break down. I get home and I go to bed no matter what time it is. My skin feels like it is burning all the time and I just feel so ill with it all. I know some crimes are spare of the moment things but some aren't and those who re-offend should take note of what they are putting their families through. Not sure whether I am strong enough to do this.