Prison Visits - Tears All Round

Prison visiting? I remember my first one well.
My daughter was screaming and crying because she was bored after we arrived three hours early due to public transport times. The visitors centre wasn't open and I remember sitting on a small wall giving my daughter a drink and trying to calm her down. That was before we even got in to the visits room.
The searches? As soon as my daughter saw the drugs dog and the prison officers, she started screaming again. So when I couldn't calm her down because she was frightened and no one offered her any reassurance or tried to comfort her to tell her everything will be OK, I was then frowned upon by the prison officers who looked at me like I was an unfit mother.
The Visits Room? As soon as my daughter saw her Dad, she ran to him and shouted, " I miss you Dad."
It was my turn to cry and no matter how many times I tried to nip myself to stop the tears, they just carried on flowing like a river. Our daughter was used to seeing her mum and dad together smiling so no wonder she asked why I was sad.
Leaving The Visits Room I had to take my daughter off her Dad's knee. She wanted to stay with him and started screaming when we walked towards the door. I looked back at my partner and he was crying because our daughter was inconsolable. All the way home on the train, our daughter was sobbing until she cried herself to sleep.

Prison Visits? Tears All Round!

By A Prison Visitor with a child.