prisoners families and caring for children of offenders

I would like to share my story with your readers please. I found your blog site through Inside Time the prison newspaper. I think it is excellent and I tune in most days to read the stories.
My name is Helen and my sister is in prison. I live in the Nottingham area and work on the airlines so my job means that I can't spend much time with my family. My sister has been in prison since February this year and my mum is looking after her little girl. She was sentenced to three years in prison.
Prison is a word and a place I have never thought of until now. Can I just say how disgusted I am with the Government and The Prison Service for treating my mother like a piece of dirt. She gets no help, no support and the prison rules and its regime are completely alien to her. She is struggling on what to tell her granddaughter about her mum and feels at a loss with most things at the moment. Are there any groups she can attend so she can speak to other people who are going through what she is going through? I am supporting both my mum and niece financially as best as I can to make sure they have enough money, but I can't support them emotionally because I am away from home often. Thanks for listening.

Comment: We have sent the lady some contact details of where she can find information on support groups that may be in her area. PFV have a link page at the top of the blog that features useful contacts. Also, you can contact Action For Prisoners Families on the link below who provide a widespread of information for families affected by imprisonment.