Probation Are A Let Down - By Candy


Hi there PFV.. I am replying to the post ' a question for Probation.' ( above link )
I agree totally with the person who wrote that post. My partner is also on licence and has been so for 17 months. In that time, he too has been bounced from pillar to post by different probation officers. The first probation officer my partner had was superb. She listened and she was very supportive and easy to talk to. My partner felt comfortable ringing her because she was straight to the point and always gave him good advice. She ended up being promoted to a senior probation officer so he was passed on to another probation officer who he met once and then got signed in by others on his appointment. His first probation officer understood my partners working shift patterns so any appointment he missed, he would take in proof that he had worked and all was fine. His probation now sends nasty letters because no matter how many times we tell her about his shifts, it seems she fails to listen. He always gets letters saying he will receive a warning if he doesn't show proof etc etc. She knows nothing about him. She doesn't know him as a person and she doesn't know how he has progressed. My thoughts on this? Sorry but it is a negative one. My partner has no idea who will see him next because he sees different probation officers all the time. I don't think this is good practice at all. I have every praise for my partners first probation officer, but I'm not being funny, if the probation service swap and change every two minutes, then how do they expect to be taken seriously by the offender? Offenders may as well sign in at the local Police station because that is all probation seem to do these days, is tick boxes.