Probation, Jobs and Ex Offenders

Hello all.. I also found your site through Inside Time prison newspaper..
I would like to talk about probation and jobs for ex offenders.. because I am an ex offender.
Firstly.. it winds me up when my probation officer talks to me like I have just come out of a three year coma.
I have been in prison for 3 and a half years after being thrown a 7 year stretch..
Before I got banged up.. I was working full time so like I said... I've come out of prison and not a coma... that means that as far as I am concerned.. I don't need rehabilitating.. I accept what I did was wrong.. I have served my time and I go to probation for my 5 minute wonder interview.. which suits me fine...
So what about employment? It's a problem for most people these days but I have no intentions of declaring my criminal record. I have done factory work and have got a FLT licence and my CV does not display the prison thing... dog eat dog and competition with our Euro working pals is why my criminal record stays under my belt.. I have two kids to feed so probation can stick their advice on being honest and up-front on my CV... Put it this way.. and some of you might pull your face at this.. but when my mate removed his criminal conviction from his CV.. he got a job.. so I rest my case... I will let you all know how I am getting along with my release. For now take care of yourselves