A Question For Probation - By JJ


Hi. Can I ask your blog readers if any of them have been in the same boat as me please? Or if any probation officers read your blog, can I ask them a question?
My hubby has been out of prison for two years and has 12 months and a bit left on his licence. In the two years, he has had 6 different probation officers. This isn't the case of probation officers leaving because they are all still there and employed at the same place. The reason this is getting on my nerves is because my hubby has needed probation's help on a few occasions but he is having to get to know different probation officers and has never had a good relationship with one because they keep bloody changing all the time. Someone said to me that it doesn't really matter how many probation officers they have had just as long as my hubby turns up for his appointment. Well I'm sorry, I think it is important for someone on licence to have a good relationship with their offender manager or do others disagree?