Stick to the kitchen Ramsay - by Anonymous

So, Gordon Ramsey says he was treated like a piece of shit, kept waiting in a waiting room with no phone and treated by the governor as if he was one of his bitches. Welcome to the world of prison visiting Gordon. Next time try travelling 200 miles with two young children for, maybe, 30 minutes with a loved one. And you didn’t have to spend days on the phone trying to get through to book your visit.

Prisoners live in a comfort zone with X-box, TV – AND they get a meal. Shows how much Gordon knows. Maybe he should try a couple of months in Pentonville, Liverpool or Birmingham. After he’s enjoyed his meal he would have to shit in an unscreened toilet in a room 10 foot square with two other guys looking on before they have to do the same – and maybe even a female warder peeping through the door spy hole for her nightly kick.

Work ethic. So how much work ethic would Gordon have for £8.00 a week. If he tried out prison – locked up 3 to a cell for 23 hours a day he would understand that prisoners are very keen to get out of cell and do anything – but when they meet a jerk like him it is hardly likely to inspire them. He probably treated them like his proverbial f****** Sh**.

Why do these brainless morons feel they have to spout on about things of which they know nothing. I suggest he sticks to his kitchen.