Alzheimer's And Prison Visits - By Anonymous Family Member

Hello. I find your blog very interesting and here is my story. Please keep my name anonymous though.
My Mum-in-law has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is in the early stages. But she gets confused and doesn't like being amongst a crowd. Her son, my husband, is in prison and visiting is becoming difficult because of her illness. We went visiting last weekend and she was terrible. The noisy room and the amount of people there confused her and my husband went off the visit very worried. Is there any special requests we can look in to about this? A quieter room would be more beneficial for us and would calm my mother-in law down a little. I was reading a post on your blog this morning about the mentally infirm and prison visiting so that's why I've emailed you. I don't know who to ask. Thank you.

COMMENT: A topic close to my heart and an important one too. I would recommend that you contact:


Prisoners Families Voices are receiving a few emails regarding this topic at the moment and it really is an important issue. Please try APF on the above link to see if they can assist you or recommend someone who can offer you some support.