Get Him Out Of The Probation Hostel - By Kim

OK.. so I'm helping my brother out who has been out of prison for 4 weeks. Probation put him in a hostel/halfway house which houses junkies. The place is the pits and my brother has done well in prison doing the courses he has to do blah blah blah. I visited the hostel and decided to flat hunt for him because I don't see how this is rehabilitation? What are probation playing at? Anyway, I found him a flat near where I live. the rent is cheap and the area is decent. I'm only 5 minutes away if he needs me and if the Government want prisoners families to support their family members who have been in prison, then what is their problem? Because they seem to have a massive one as my brothers probation officer said he must stay in the flea pit of an hostel? I have no room in my flat to house my brother and that is why I couldn't give probation an address, hence why he is in the hostel. Well I am not letting this drop and if I need to take photo's of the hole then I will! I have contacted the senior probation officer so fingers crossed he might see sense. I read loads and loads of posts and articles on the net about prisoners families and how they help to reduce re-offending.. well the system is going to have buck their ideas up if they want this to work because it is a shambles and many ex prisoners are set up by the probation service to fail.

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