I Conceived A Child With A Prisoner - By Fiona L

Should Prisoners Be Allowed To Have Sex 

Hi PFV. I also watched the This Morning programme debate on whether prisoners should be allowed to have sex. I also agreed with what John Hirst said too. It was a shame though he was abruptly interrupted during the interview. But for all those, like Mark William-Thomas  let me tell the likes of him this. My partner was convicted of armed robbery and like others have said, we conceived our baby on one of his home leaves from HMP Kirkham. Some may argue that this is different? It's no different because he was still a convicted armed robber, simple as that. Also, prisoners released on licence are still prisoners serving a sentence within the community and I am sure they also make love with their partners. Maybe the likes of Mark William-Thomas need to look at the bigger picture because I have had sex with a prisoner and the buck ends there!

By Fiona L