Innocent Yet Still Persecuted - By Sharon

Hello Prisoners Families Voices.. I am in a situation that is making me ill. My husband has been sent to prison for an attack on someone who has bullied my family for three years. He shouldn't have retaliated in the way he did, but he did and what is done, is done. I am left with the after-math of his actions and I am still getting bullied off the victims family. I have logged everything, told the council about it, and have reported incidents numerous times to the Police. No one is taking me seriously and I am fighting a losing battle. It's almost like I am being persecuted alongside my husband, but I haven't committed a crime or retaliated with the bullies, so why won't anyone do anything about it? The CPS charged my husband and even when I went to court I was looked at like a piece of dirt whilst some Judge sided with a family who are renowned for causing a lot of trouble and walk around terrorising people thinking they are the bees knees. I am scared to go out and feel like I am a prisoner in my own home, which literally I am. No one will help me and I feel so alone. Regards, Sharon ( Wife of prisoner )

PRISON WIDOW COMMENT: Sharon, very similar happened to me recently. Chav families have only one thing on their minds and that's compensation. They cause all the trouble, and get a pay out from the victim fund. genuine victims have my sympathy, but those who instigate trouble and run to the Police like little pansy's because they have had a good hiding, deserve it. I call them CV's - compo victims. They aren't interested in justice, judges or court, ( the only judges they understand are those on the X-Factor ) they are only bothered about shafting money from the victims fund. I would carry on logging everything that happens and I would carry on reporting any incidents to the Police. At the end of the day, you are an innocent member of the public who has NOT committed a crime. The Police and Council need to pull their fingers from up their arses and bring these reprobates to justice instead of ringing Social Services who reward these idiots for being naughty.
I have replied to your message personally but have replied on here too to voice my opinion. Unruly chav families are victims of grime - not crime! Chin up girl!